J Golden Kimball Stories • Volume 1

3rd Edition

by James Kimball

Illustrations by Pat Bagley


Mormonism’s Colorful Cowboy!

Mormon or gentile, everyone loves tales of this straight-talking cowboy who became a church leader. For almost a hundred years, stories of his quick wit and irreverent humor have been passed around campfires and sacrament meetings. This gold mine of J. Golden Kimball stories is sure to be a winner with anyone who’s ever been human.

“I may not always walk the strait and narrow, But I cross it as often as I can.” — J. Golden Kimball.

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  • LIST PRICE: $12.95
  • ISBN-13: 978-0692632130
  • ISBN 10: 0692632131
  • 120 pages
  • 5.5″ x 8.5″ (13.97 x 21.59 cm)
  • Black & White on White paper
  • BISAC: Humor / Topic / Religion
  • Previously published by Whitehorse Books, 1999
  • 3rd Edition now available from Zion BookWorks

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Review: J. Golden Kimball Stories: Mormonism’s Colorful Cowboy — Keith Kendall – Goodreads

“I needed some light reading today, and this fit the bill perfectly. (I was down with a sore throat.)”

Brian Sterzer – Goodreads

“A great quick read. He is very funny and quick on the joke! Can’t believe some of the stories they are a bit out there, but most of them are very entertaining! I now understand why ‘good’ LDS members in Utah didn’t much care for him and why ‘cowboy/country’ members loved him!”

Amanda – Goodreads

“Loved this book”

Corri Johnson – Goodreads

“I needed a good laugh and this was the ticket! Not all Mormon’s are serious!!!!!!!”

Brandon Dean – Goodreads

“A quirky little book about a quirky general authority.”

Heather the Hillbilly Banjo Queen – Goodreads

“I love J. Golden. So loud and feisty and I feel I can relate to him well.”

LaSchelle – Goodreads

“J. Golden Kimball was a funny General Authority. He barely kept the word of wisdom and had a cowboy vocabulary that kept people wanting to hear more. Fast read of small stories contributed to his Great Grand Nephew.”


Greg’s review — Dec 29, 10 — 4 of 5 stars — I own a copy,

“I have had James Kimball’s second collection of J. Golden Kimball stories for years, but had never seen the first one until now. Like the other one, this is a humorous collection of what are probably mostly apocryphal stories. It would be better if there were at least some suggestion of truth to them, but as the publisher says in the introduction, “…James had a free hand when it came to verifying the stories…Did someone, somewhere claim Golden once said it? — that’s good enough for us. So, most of the stories are probably false, or at best wildly exaggerated, but they convey the flavor of Uncle Golden’s personality and wit. Plus, as a friend of mine once said, ‘never let the truth get in the way of a good story.’ These are some fun stories!”

Chanin’s review –Jan 11, 10 — 3 of 5 stars false

“I didn’t know much about this man. Now I know too much. 🙂 Actually, it made me realize that he must have had a strong testimony. Anyone that callused and foul-mouthed, must have had a testimony to keep serving when he was so rough. He truly seems lovable and so much like my grandfather. Made me miss him”

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