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“My Turn On Earth” is the story of each of us seen through the eyes of five children. Five characters. Barbara and her friends, are having a heavenly time in that not-very-far-away land called Heaven. But soon the plot thickens as they learn they are to be sent away from home for a new adventure. In the language of children’s games they re-enact the war in heaven and shout for joy as they win the right to come to Earth and make their own choices. They see their earthly experience as a treasure hunt, and are instructed to bring back the most valuable thing they can find. Treasure notes are found throughout the journey to help them. Getting a body, learning how to use it, making mistakes, erasing them, finding the Light inside, discovering the Golden Rule, learning when to follow the leader and when not to — feeling the joy of family life and through it all looking for the treasure. Suddenly her turn on Earth is over. Has she found the treasure? On her way home she gives away the valuables she has chosen to take with her. Only then does she learn that you really only keep what you’ve given away. She is welcomed back to her heavenly home bearing that best treasure of all — LOVE!

MY TURN ON EARTH — Original Cast CD

Book and Lyrics by Carol Lynn Pearson

Music and Arrangements by Lex DeAzevedo

© Deseret Book Company, Licensed here exclusively, by permission

  • 19 tracks
  • 62 minutes
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by Carol Lynn Pearson

Illustrated by Cam Clarke

Cover Illustration by Kay Stevenson

Available after a long absence from the bookshelves!

The delightful tale told in the musical “My Turn on Earth” is presented here in storybook fashion with full-page, charming illustrations.

Barbara and her friends, happy in their heavenly home, are sent to earth on a treasure hunt, assigned to find and bring back the most valuable thing that exists. Clues float down to them signed by their brother Jesus, helping them to learn right from wrong, learn that they each are writing their own story and they can erase mistakes through repentance. And also how to avoid mistakes by learning to do to someone else only what you would like them to do to you.

Does Barbara find the treasure she came for? A little twist in the ending will bring you and your young listeners a smile and perhaps a tear.

Based on the popular musical play, “My Turn On Earth,” with Script and Lyrics by Carol Lynn Pearson and Music by Lex DeAzevedo.


  • 2nd Edition 2020
  • Color interior with white paper
  • Trim Size: 8.5 x 11 in
  • Page Count: 54
  • ISBN-13: 978-1977929938 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
  • ISBN-10: 1977929931
  • BISAC: Juvenile Nonfiction / Religious / Christian / Inspirational
  • LIST PRICE: $18.95


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MY TURN ON EARTH — 2008 Revival Cast DVD

Book and Lyrics by Carol Lynn Pearson

Music and Arrangements by Lex De Azevedo

© by Deseret Book — Licensed here by permission

Watch the Plan of Salvation unfold as you discover the purpose of life with Barbara, Gloria, Pam, Charles, and John, through the examples of each child’s struggles and strifes. Beginning with the pre-mortal existence and continuing on a memorable journey through Earth life, you may ask the questions: Will they be able to conquer the obstacles which life presents? Can they find the purpose of life before returning back to their Heavenly Home?


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