ZBW • Submissions

How to submit a project to Zion BookWorks:

We are NOT accepting submissions from authors not already associated with us as of

today’s date. Please check back later.

We are usually looking for the following genres:

  • LDS Fantasy Fiction
  • LDS Adventure Fiction
  • LDS Young Adult (YA) Fiction
  • LDS Historical Fiction
  • LDS Motivational/Inspirational
  • LDS Humorous Titles
  • LDS Doctrinal titles
  • LDS History & Biography


Our books must contain NO EXPLICIT ADULT SITUATIONS OR DIALOG/ADULT LANGUAGE.  Everything can be handled with tact, care and discretion and yet still create a thought-provoking, exciting and challenging story with characters that are multi-dimensional. Please avoid stereotypes. Challenging subject matter can be put forth without crude references or smut.


  • The first chapter of your book
  • Your full contact information (name, address, phone, email, website)
  • A Cover Letter pitching your book (Specific details of the book: number of pages, the synopsis, Genre, marketing done; as well as why Zion BookWorks should represent your title. Please submit in Times, or Times New Roman or even Garamond as a type font. Double or single spacing is not an issue.)
  • Art work can be placed directly in the manuscript, if desired
  • Send as an email attachment in PDF format (all in one document) to: [email protected]


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