The Order Is Love — Original Cast Recording CD

Book and Lyrics by Carol Lynn Pearson Music by Lex De Azevedo The Original Brigham Young University production from 1971, now available on CD for the first time. The tale of Orderville, Utah, 1875-1885, where over 700 Saints lived and worked and played and prayed together in the United Order, a version of the Law […]

City of Joseph — 1976 Original Cast CD

Book & Lyrics by R. Don Oscarson Music by Maughan W. McMurdie   The establishment, growth, development, and history of Nauvoo, Illinois under the direction and influence of the Prophet Joseph Smith is unique in the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and America. City Of Joseph was first produced for […]

Debbie: Diary of a Mormon Girl — Original Cast Album CD

Book & Lyrics by Heather Young Music by Lex De Azevedo © Deseret Book Company, Licensed here exclusively, by permission Long a favorite of those who saw the original touring production, this show delivers big on music and entertainment value, while providing essential ideas and concepts for living a Christ-Centered life.   Approaching her 16th […]

A.J.’s Miracle — Original Cast Recording CD

by Mark Ogden   A Missionary story you will never forget!   A.J.’s Miracle is meant to show the human side of missionaries. The show is based on the true incidents of the author as he served his mission. The story begins with a bet: $500 that AJ cannot fulfill an LDS Mission. The story […]

First Freedom — Original Concept CD

Book & Lyrics by Rob. Lauer Music by Sam Cardon & Rick Rea “First Freedom” is set in Virginia, during the period of the American Revolution, and presents the little known but fascinating story of the passionate battle that our Founding Fathers fought among themselves in order to establish religious freedom as a right for […]

Take The Mountain Down — DVD

The DVD, filmed for Television by KBYU-TV in Provo, Utah is a rollicking and thoughtful version of this exciting new show based on the prodigal son (that also includes a prodigal daughter). Project Summary Persons responsible for this DVD: Marvin Payne, Steven Kapp Perry (Writers), R. Don Oscarson, Sterling Van Wagenen, BYU Broadcasting (Producers), Eric […]

Don’t Forget To Remember — Original Cast CD

by Pat Davis, Ralph G. Rodgers, Jr., & K. Newell Dayley A story about a teen, his machine and the unforeseen. This contemporary musical deals with the communication problems between parents and youth; and how each party has responsibility in the matter. A motorcycle crash enables a young man to travel back in time and […]

City Of Joseph — 1999 Cast CD

Book and Lyrics by R. Don Oscarson Music by Maughan W. McMurdie The Nauvoo Pageant ran from 1976 to 2004. It drew the largest crowds of any outdoor theatre event in the world. This new recording was put together in 1999 and used during the last five years of the pageant in Nauvoo, Illinois. The […]

LIFE … More Sweet Than Bitter — Original Cast CD

Book and Lyrics by Pat Davis Music by K. Newell Dayley The moving story of Russian Jews forced out of Bolshevik Russia who come to settle in America. They go through the horrors of Ellis Island, long months and years of separation, religious differences in a new land all to build one man’s dream only […]

The Dance — Premiere Recording CD

Book and Lyrics by Carol Lynn Pearson Music by J.A.C. Redford Come to the dance and meet: Couple #1 — Neil and Karen “the perfect married couple” to everyone but themselves; Couple #2 — Howard, still searching for “the right one” 14 years after his mission, and Alison, a recently divorced mother of three; ‘Couple’ […]