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James N. Kimball — Author

James N. Kimball — Author

Kimball,JamesJames N. Kimball – (1936-2004) spent years traveling the globe gathering the stories contained in Mormon Women: Portraits & Conversations. He spoke to church and civic groups throughout the west. A travel writer and Salt Lake City businessman, and a Bishop. Jim was a community treasure, famous for his hilarious retelling of stories about J. Golden Kimball, his great uncle and Mormon folk hero. He is best known for playing his famous relative on the award winning PBS specials Remembering Uncle Golden and On the Road with Uncle Golden. Jim died in 2004, before this last book was complete. He is survived by his wife, Joan, and their children.

Mormon Women: Portraits and Conversations (w/Kent Miles)

J. Golden Kimball Stories (Volume 1) (illust. by Pat Bagley)
MORE J. Golden Kimball Stories (Volume 2) (illust. by Pat Bagley)