Brigham’s Bees

MYSTERY / SUSPENSE by Robert Kirby Retail Price: $11.95 Back in print (in paperback) by popular demand! Special Internet Sale price of $10.95   Somewhere in Utah County, a treasure waits to be discovered. The coins called Brigham’s Bees were works of art. Using a makeshift stamping mill fashioned from a Mexican War cannon, master […]

J Golden Kimball Stories • Volume 1

3rd Edition by James Kimball Illustrations by Pat Bagley HUMOR / LDS Mormonism’s Colorful Cowboy! Mormon or gentile, everyone loves tales of this straight-talking cowboy who became a church leader. For almost a hundred years, stories of his quick wit and irreverent humor have been passed around campfires and sacrament meetings. This gold mine of […]

Pat and Kirby Go to Hell

The Mormon Humor Collection — Book 3 HUMOR / LDS Pat and Kirby finally get their eternal reward. Join them as they follow St. Peter’s advice and “go toward the light.” That glow in the distance may be coming from the Pearly Gates, but, knowing our boys, it’s more likely the boiler room in hell. […]