The BYU College Survival Handbook

From One Blue Girl To Another

by Abbey Romney

Illustrated by Jarom Neumann

From its Gorgeous Gals Club to the Roommate Rewards Program, The (BYU) College Survival Handbook: From One Blue Girl to Another is a brief, light-hearted book of anecdotal advice. It is the perfect gift book for the Latter-day Saint female freshman just learning to test her abilities, a recent high school graduate excited for the next step, or even a seasoned college student or college graduate who wants to smile. The insightful and sometimes humorous advice will motivate, inspire, and encourage anyone, but especially those with Brigham Young University connections, who has gone to college or lives away from home. If you feel like crying, read and laugh a little. If you don’t know where to turn, read, pray, and find your way. If you feel like just giving up because it is all so overwhelming; don’t! Spend a little time with this book, and you’ll be ready to dig right in again.

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  • List Price: $9.99
  • 4″ x 6″ (10.16 x 15.24 cm)
  • Black & White on White paper
  • 68 pages
  • ISBN-13: 978-0615938189 (Zion BookWorks)
    ISBN-10: 0615938183
  • BISAC: Self-Help / General
  • Humor
  • Motivational / Inspirational


“…a cool book! It’s nice to have little snippets of college insights. I can see college students hanging them up in their dorms. I like how most of the insights focus on other things outside of homework. It was great!” — Sidney, UT

“This was cute. I like the sense of humor mixed with good advice. I think moms and sisters would buy this for their college friends/family.” — Paige, UT

FROM Nauvoo Times — True to the Faith
A Potpourri: Beyond the Usual
by Laurie Williams Sowby
“A good gift for high school coeds about to embark on college life is the pocket-sized The BYU College Survival Handbook, by Abbey Romney  What seem on the surface like well-worn quips prove to be more when considered as jumping-off points for deeper thought: “Occasionally give something someone doesn’t deserve (do their dishes, do a chore, plant a treat).” Next page: “Forgive.” Illustrations by Jarom Neumann help sprinkle smiles amid the good advice.” (FULL REVIEW COLUMN HERE)


LOVED IT! by Shauna Wheelwright (2014)
“As Abbey was putting together a care package for her soon-to-be BYU freshman sister-in-law she wanted to find a book of encouragement…
Not being successful…she wrote one herself!
Darling pictures!
Fun type-setting!
PERFECT for any girl entering college!”

Great little book for a gift to a new college student by Peter D Black (2014)
“This book can help guide a new co-ed to stay on the right path. We enjoyed reading it before passing it along to our granddaughter.”

Great little gift! by Heidi Olsen (2014)
“This would be a fun little gift for any girl starting college! It has some great advice presented in a fun, quickly digestible way!”


You can download a PDF of the first 20 pages of this great book! BYUHandbookPREVIEW

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