Moroni Smith and the Sword of Laban — Book 3



by Thom Duncan


If a sword existed that could end all war on the planet — wouldn’t you want to control it?

Moroni Smith, Orrin Porter Rockwell VII and Gadget Gunderson, of the Church Special Projects division have had no time to recover from the adventure that surrounded the Gold Plates. Now, another power-crazed man wants to use the powerful Sword of Laban as leverage for his excuse to run the planet. Once again our team surges ahead into the unknown, only this time Port and Gadget not only have to find the sword, but their leader, Moroni, as well!


“As Matthew lunged for me with the Sword of Laban, I used the only thing nearby I could to defend myself. The sword came down and I rolled to the side while reaching out for a stack of metal plates. The sword clanged against the plates knocking them from my grasp. The shock of the sword hitting the metal plates must have gone the other way too because Matthew recoiled, the sword dropped from his grasp, and he held his aching arm with his other one.
This gave me the opportunity to reach for the cane, which I had put back in my belt after Jake had returned it to me. With the end of the cane, I caught the hasp of the sword and flipped it off to one side where it slid and slammed against the far wall. Matthew dived for it, and came up to a crouch with the sword in his hands. With what seemed new relish and a strength that belied his years, he lunged for me again. I rolled to one side as the sword missed me by inches. I continued rolling up to my feet and turned to face Matthew with the cane held forward.
I suddenly felt very helpless. This cane had some interesting powers to say the least but I couldn’t see how it could hold its own against a metal sword. Nevertheless, I was able to fend off Matthew’s slashing attacks for a while as he backed me up against a wall. He came down hard with the sword, as if to split my skull open. I held up the cane to ward off the blow and found myself holding two halves as the sword sped by my face so close I could feel the wind from its passage. Instinctively I had pulled back but too hard and I knocked my head against the rock wall. My legs gave way beneath me and I crumpled to the floor.”

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  • 160 pages
  • ISBN: 978-1489587558
  • BISAC: Juvenile Fiction / Action & Adventure / General
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