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iPlates: Volume 1: From Ammon to Abinadi, Alma, and Zennif — Book of Mormon Comics

iPlates: Volume 1: From Ammon to Abinadi, Alma, and Zennif — Book of Mormon Comics


From Ammon to Abinadi, Alma, and Zennif

Vowing to reclaim the land of his fathers, Zeniff leads a company of Nephites deep into Lamanite territory. But the Lamanites have other plans for them. Can Zeniff defend his city against the Lamanite armies? Will his ambitious son Noah seize the crown? Can the prophet Abinadi save the city from its own wickedness? Adventure, war, betrayal, and redemption await you in iPlates Volume 1, an award-winning comic series based on the Book of Mormon.

This ‘graphic novel’ treatment of Book of Mormon stories is written by Sunstone editor, Stephen Carter, and illustrated in color and black and white by animation artist, Jett Atwood.

Older children and teens—and many young adults and adults, too—will enjoy the way the fast-paced stories and rich illustrations capture these favorite Book of Mormon tales.

Perfect for any family in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

by Stephen Carter & Jett Atwood

  • List Price: $14.99
  • Special Internet Sale Price: $13.99 (See ‘Add To Cart’ button above)

The following stories appear in Volume One:

  • Ammon: Warrior Missionary
  • Zeniff Part 1: Super Spy
  • Zeniff Part 2: Pioneer
  • Zeniff Part 3: Warrior
  • Noah Rising
  • Abinadi’s Sorrow
  • Abinadi: Final Prophecy
  • Alma: Escaping The Past
  • Alma: A Prophet Forming


“I have enjoyed this so much I have now started buying it as a Christmas gift for others. Anyone who has been on the edge about buying their own set of iPlates should stop thinking about it, buy one for themselves, and then buy one for someone else!” — Kaptep, on

“9-year-old daughter DEVOURED Stephen Carter’s super excellent Book of Mormon comic book iPlates. Wish I’d had a copy to give to my nephew at his baptism last week. Highly recommended for 7 – 12+.” Joanna Brooks, author of The Book of Mormon Girl

“I had a hard time reading through it because the kids kept taking it away from me.” Rachel Mabey Whipple, Times and Seasons

“Not only does Joe [my seven-year-old son] insist I read a chapter of Volume 1 to him each night, he then grabs the slim comic book and reads the whole shebang himself.” Doug Gibson, Ogden Standard-Examiner

“As entertainment/a gentle push toward doctrinal stories for a Mormon? I think it succeeds. . . . The perfect baptism gift for an eight-year-old boy.” Shelah Mastny Miner, Shelah Books It

iPlates Volume 1 “piqued my grumpy tween into devouring a scripture story and raving about it to his friends. No joke.” Tracy McKay,

Click iPlatesAMLREVIEW for the AML review of iPlates (in PDF format)

See reviews for iPlates–Volume 1 HERE.

Product Details:

  • Retail Price $14.99
  • Paperback
  • 68 Pages (23 Full Color & 45 Black and White)
  • 8 1/2 x 11
  • Shipping Weight: 8.2 ounces
  • ISBN: 9781478372028
  • BISAC Codes: Books / Christian Books & Bibles / Mormonism
  • BISAC: Religion / Christianity / Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • BISAC: Comics & Graphic Novels / Religious


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