The Utah State Bird-Baby Congratulations card

Cover: The UTAH State Bird… INSIDE: …Congratulations! Comes with envelope for each card ordered. © 2013 by Pat Bagley PRICE List: $1.75 (in stores) Website Price: $1.50 + shipping and Maine Sales Tax $7.50 for a 6-pack (that’s $1.25 each + shipping and Maine Sales Tax) Get all 9 unique cards in one set at […]

General Authority-Thinking of You card

COVER: I heard you’re a General Authority! … INSIDE: …an authority on generally everything. Thinking of you. comes with an envelope for each card   © 2013 by Pat Bagley PRICE List: $1.75 (in stores) Website Price: $1.50 +shipping and Maine Sales Tax   6 cards: $7.50 (that’s $1.25 each + shipping and Maine Sales […]

This Is The Place! A Crossroads of Utah’s Past

A Child’s History of Utah by Pat Bagley and Will Bagley What happens when two kids decide to dig up a dinosaur in their backyard? They begin an excavation that will take them through 125 million years of Utah. Each page uncovers a new payer of Utah History. This Is The Place combines equal parts […]

Grampa In Training — The Hall of Fame Edition

A MUST for those in and approaching Gramp-age! (Not to be confused with GRUMP-AGE!) by Jon Robert Howe Volume One — Hall of Fame Edition SELF-HELP / GRANDPARENTING RetailPrice: $8.99 When their son got married in 2002, Jon Robert Howe and his wife, Rosie, knew they had nine months before they could possibly become gramparents. […]

Norman the Nephite and the A-MAZE-ing Conference Center • Activity Book

by Pat Bagley A fun book for children (and those who love them) as Norman the Nephite, from the book I Spy A Nephite, continues his adventures exploring the LDS Conference Center and almost not getting lost — thanks to a couple of gull-ible friends. Featuring GIANT, ‘fold-out’ pages full of visual puzzles and mazes […]

J Golden Kimball Stories • Volume 1

3rd Edition by James Kimball Illustrations by Pat Bagley HUMOR / LDS Mormonism’s Colorful Cowboy! Mormon or gentile, everyone loves tales of this straight-talking cowboy who became a church leader. For almost a hundred years, stories of his quick wit and irreverent humor have been passed around campfires and sacrament meetings. This gold mine of […]

MORE J Golden Kimball Stories Volume 2

First Edition HUMOR / LDS by James Kimball Illustrations by Pat Bagley “Oh My Heck!” — words never uttered by J. Golden Kimball. Golden also didn’t say ‘heckuva,” “goll,” “flip,” “fetch,” “darn,” or “shoot.” It was against his principles to use decaffeinated words. What Golden said a hundred years ago is still remembered today because […]