Bagley Cards Set of 9

© 2013 by Pat Bagley

In Pat’s own inimitable style, these unique cards are a real crack-up. So if you want a lot of fun in your well-wishing, these cards are for you.

A total of 9 cards in the set

(If needed, click on each title to take you to the card’s own page)

Regular price per card would be $2.99 each in a store.

We offer each card individually for $1.50 each on this website.

But buy the complete set of all 9 and get them for $9.99 (that $1.11 each+ shipping and Maine Sales tax)

Bookstores and Resellers

These cards in a set of 9 are not available to Bookstores or other resellers. However, the individual cards ARE available to Resellers and Bookstores at a standard discount. Contact us by email for a quote on wholesale prices. We will then send you a PayPal invoice. Do not order from this page. Full discounts and return policy.

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