Teaching Moment Boosters


A Great Resource for Latter-day Saints

by Jon Robert Howe


We each teach, every day, every moment of our lives. This little book will give you the inspiration needed — with nuggets of wisdom (and pedagogical wizardry) — to come off as the master of any moment, teaching or speaking! (See the link to samples below.) Once called object lessons, or attention grabbers, these little gems help to make the subject of any lesson or talk stick in the mind of the student or listener.

The author, Jon Robert Howe, is a practiced and popular speaker and radio personality. His humor will surprise and delight you with its originality and freshness. (More about Jon Robert Howe)

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 “Title: Teaching Moment Boosters, Vitamin TMB, Vol. 1
Author: Jon Robert Howe
Reviewed by Roger Greer for the Association for Mormon Letters

This is a little book on object lessons and when I mean little, it’s little! 112 pages and only 6 inches by 4 inches. I love object lessons and clearly Jon Robert Howe loves them as well. In most of these object lessons he tells about how he got them or the history or evolution of them. With the added history that comes with the object lessons, it makes it interesting how some of them came about. He relates how he had a calling as a Teacher Trainer in his ward. Before a teacher development meeting he called each teacher and asked them bring their most memorable object lesson to the class. They ended up with 30 object lessons on the chalkboard. They then shared their favorite object lessons. Many of these, with the history behind them, are in this book. He quotes some of these stories in an Ensign article he wrote for the October 1997 issue.
Of course he talks about how Christ used everyday objects to illustrate the doctrines that he wanted to teach. These objects were familiar to the listeners and they were able to immediately relate to them and then apply something they know to something they may not understand. And this is true with the object lessons in this book.
He renames object lessons as Teaching Moment Boosters or TMB’s, incorporating not just objects but stories, parables, (insert your favorite teaching method from the chapter “Methods of Teaching” in “Teaching No Greater Call”). There are at over 50 TMB’s in the book.
Some of the object lessons he gathers from other sources and gives the YouTube addresses at the end of the description of the object lesson.
Some of the object lessons in this book I have seen before, but most of them are unique and I look forward to start using them in my classes. Some of the TMB’s are stories instead of object lessons, like the familiar Paderewski piano concert story where a young boy walked up to the stage and started playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. At that point the great piano Master quickly runs to the piano and says, “Don’t quit, keep playing,” and Paderewski with his left hand filled in the bass part and with his right hand reached around the boy and added a running obbligato. The old master transformed a frightening situation into a wonderful experience. The message taught — whatever we accomplish on our own always results in great and flowing music with the hand of the Master surrounding us.
Any teacher can benefit from the TMB’s in the book, as it will enhance your teaching.
I’m looking forward to future volumes of TMB’s.”

What Is A TMB? — Samples & Downloads

DOWNLOAD a sample of THREE TMBs in PDF format: SampleTMBs

Table of Contents

  • The Very Beginning
  • Object Lessons That Motivate
  • Marketing Vitamin TMB
  • Some Advice For My Brother Who Will Soon Serve A Mission
  • Memorial Paper Doll
  • As You Teach – Get ‘em Up And Moving
  • After All, We Teach The Old Testament
  • Missionaries Need More Enthusiastic Creativity!
  • Lifesaving Purity
  • TMB Meaningful Pursuit Game
  • Harvesting Object Lessons – General Conference
  • Sharing Your Testimony
  • Vitamin TMB – The Evolution of Object Lessons
  • Layers of Testimony
  • Teacher Development Twist
  • Tithing First – Apples
  • Friends and Testimonies: Black Acorn Shells
  • The Parable of the Bicycle – Atonement
  • The Corollary to the Parable of the Bicycle – Atonement
  • Scripture Study Cuts The Static
  • Salt & Pepper: Repentance and the Atonement
  • Eternity Is A Piano Wire
  • Heavenly Father Will Help You Create A Masterpiece – The Atonement
  • A CTR Youth Leadership Lesson…With A Ring To It
  • Clean Priesthood Vessels
  • Choosing The Best Media
  • Choices
  • The Holy Ghost As A Comforter
  • The Best Church Instructors Know How To “Play The Organ”
  • Parable Of The Conductor’s Baton
  • 1st YouTube Parable Of H2W Talents, Crafts & Fine Arts
  • The Enduring List
  • What Does God Do For A Living? He Leads Committees!
  • What You See Is What You Do!
  • Pride Falleth Before The Teaching
  • Handcart Angel Responds To Prayer
  • Gratitude For Counsel From A Scribe To A Pharisee
  • Sacrifice: Stay Up Late With Your Family, If You Have To!
  • You Are His Clear Channel
  • The Real Final: His Image In Our Countenance
  • Who Shall Say His Generations
  • The Man In The Muffler
  • Change, Forgive and Contribute
  • Come, Dream With Me … Outloud!
  • Steak Center Restaurants: Never A Dry, Boring Meating!
  • About The Author

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