Sunday of the Living Dead



The book that started it all!

by Robert Kirby

Cartoons by Pat Bagley

Ever wonder who is going to eat all that wheat down in the basement?
Ever wonder if bearing one another’s burdens really includes lugging a new move-in’s piano up three flights of stairs?
Ever think it might be fun to be the Angel of Death?
Ever wonder how to tell if your fishing buddy has been called as your new bishop?
Ever think there isn’t much “church” about Church basketball?
Ever wonder if enduring to the end really means sitting through another talk by a stake high counselor?
Ever think that the Super Bowl might be more reverent than the average sacrament meeting?
Brother Kirby does!

The Mormon Humor Collection — Book 1.

Robert Kirby, the most original and funny Mormon writer to come to pass since Dave Barry started pretending he wasn’t home when the missionaries dropped by, explains these and many other secret but not necessarily sacred mysteries. Whether liberal, conservative, traditional, or unorthodox, Mormons of all faiths will enjoy this piquant look at a peculiar people — US! With over 25 illustrations by the Salt Lake Tribune’s Pat Bagley.

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Reviews and Comments:

Reviewed in Nauvoo Times — True to the Faith (
December 11, 2013

Good Reads to Give or Get
by Laurie Williams Sowby

“Books are always on my Christmas wish list. Here are a few that may work well on someone else’s.
FOR ADULTS: When the day comes that we can’t laugh at ourselves, we’re in trouble. To avoid that hazard, consider picking up Salt Lake Tribune columnist Robert Kirby’s Family Home Screaming, a 1999 original (and I do mean original) re-issued from Leicester Bay Books, along with Sunday of the Living Dead and Kirby Soup for the Soul. I once worked at a newspaper with Kirby, and I can only say it was an experience.
What you get in these books is the real thing, from a dad describing the angst of having a teenager take a driving test to a day trying to enjoy a water park, there’s stuff here we all recognize and relate to.
Seeing titles like “Rise and Whine” and his assessment of grand-parenthood as “the second most fun part of procreation,” how could a reader not smile? And to top it off, cartoonist Bagley’s added his own witty takes on family life.”

“The Only fault with this book (if there is one) is that most people who are not Mormon, (Mo’s) won’t be able to relate to a lot of the humor in this book. Otherwise this has got to be my all time favorite book. I got my first paper back version in 1997 I think and a few years ago I bought the kindle version. This book cracks me up, partly because I can identify with Kirby’s snarky sense of humor, and also because I have witnessed first hand a lot of what he pokes fun at. As those of you who are NM’s living in Salt Lake, you need to get a grip and stop making the rest of us look like a bunch of crazies.” — Online reviewer

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