Mormon Women: Portraits and Conversations

by James Kimball & Kent Miles


About the Book:
This book explores the varied roles of Mormon Women. A reformed communist guerilla. A Utah Supreme Court chief justice. A best-selling mystery novelist. A survivor of Stalin’s Gulag prison system. A mom negotiating the ups and downs of teenage angst. These are just a few of the Mormon women who share their stories in the pages of the this brand new, beautifully photographed book.
The project eventually took them to five continents in just over five years, meeting women of diverse backgrounds. This volume features fourteen of the interviews Kimball and Miles conducted. The stories are told by the women themselves, in their own various and wonderfully unique voices.
Despite all the differences of culture, language and background, a unifying theme binds these women together. They all believe that what has given them the strength to grow and succeed is their faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ.
About the Authors
James Kimball – (1936-2004) spent years traveling the globe gathering the stories contained in Mormon Women: Portraits & Conversations. A travel writer and Salt Lake City businessman, Jim was a community treasure, famous for his hilarious retelling of stories about J. Golden Kimball, his great uncle and Mormon folk hero. Jim died in 2004, before this last book was complete. He is survived by his wife, Joan, and their children.
Kent Miles – is a widely renowned Salt Lake portrait photographer who specializes in fine art portraits in a classic documentary style. He attended Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, where Ansel Adams handed him his diploma.

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Listen to the Interviews that Kent had with Nick Galieti on the Podcast: The Good Word

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Reviews (just a few excerpts)

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By Neylan McBaine

“The co-existence of faith alongside a life in the world is the theme so movingly explored in the fourteen profiles of this book. Author James N. Kimball and photographer Kent Miles spent years traveling to Scotland, Japan, France, Brazil and throughout the United States interviewing and photographing Mormon women who are unlikely to fit the standard mold, but who live their religions with exceptional grace…Mormon Women: Portraits & Conversations offers a hallowed relief to those women like me who have lived with a question mark over their multihued lives. Yes! if affirms. You may be tired in the morning, but over the course of a life, faith and family can walk hand in hand with a life of worldly work. The women’s stories are a spectacular and long-overdue testament to our historically underestimated capacity.”

Association of Mormon Letter by Lisa Olsen Tait, April 2009

“I loved this book. That could be my entire review. Period. But I know I’m supposed to say more than that, so here goes…We are constantly hearing about how the Church is a worldwide organization, but we rarely get to hear the stories and voices of our sisters (and brothers) abroad, talking about themselves and their lives in any detail or complexity. I would like to see many more efforts of this kind to bring Latter-day Saints (male and female) into conversation with one another from around the globe…There is often a sort of implied narrative about Mormon women that places such accomplished, active women in the past and sees contemporary Mormon women as less engaged in the world. Mormon Women shows that this perception is not true. I highly recommend this book.”

By Lisa Carricaburu, The Salt Lake Tribune

“Book explores varied roles of Mormon women. They are mothers and wives, sisters and daughters. They are people you know. Some are easily recognizable for their accomplishments; others are not. But read their stories, and these women will teach you things you may not have known about, well, Mormon women. These are women of great insight.”

Activities for Wards and Stakes

Panel Discussion, Interviews and Publishing

After reading Mormon Women the stories can be used as subjects for a  panel discussion between the established women of the ward in the Relief Society and the Young Women in a Church Activity; maybe in a combined Relief Society/Young Women evening.
After the panel discussion, teams of 2 girls will interview some of the older women of the ward and then publish the stories they discover for the ward.

This type of activity can also be done, after reading the book, with Young Men interviewing older men or with the combined Young Men and Young Women talking together in the same type of panel discussion and interviewing the older men and women of the Ward and publishing their findings.

It can also be done in a blog type of setting.

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