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LIFE … More Sweet Than Bitter — Original Cast CD

LIFE … More Sweet Than Bitter — Original Cast CD

Life…MoreSweetCDCoverBook and Lyrics by Pat Davis

Music by K. Newell Dayley

The moving story of Russian Jews forced out of Bolshevik Russia who come to settle in America. They go through the horrors of Ellis Island, long months and years of separation, religious differences in a new land all to build one man’s dream only to end up settling in the Salt Lake Valley. This is the true story of Maurice Warshaw, a western supermarket pioneer and founder of the Grand Central chain of stores. (That has now become Fred Meyer/Smith’s Marketplace) Based on the biography of Maurice Warshaw by Rhoda Kelsch.

Featuring Members of the Original Salt Lake City Cast from the production at THE PROMISED VALLEY PLAYHOUSE

Cast includes; Craig Clyde, Michael Bennett, Nelden Maxfeild, Christine Timothy, Bryce Jolley, William Morley Nedra Yeates, Chris Anderson & David Hill


  • 42 minutes
  • 13 tracks
  • UPC: 887936854040
  • Zion Theatricals
  • List Price: $14.99


  1. God’s Word Is Great and Holy 1:30
  2. Life Is What You Make It  6:00
  3. Always Together 3:35
  4. There’s Something Better Out There 3:03
  5. One Day At A Time 3:30
  6. Whispered Lullabye 3:08
  7. I Wonder 3:15
  8. Look In The Basket 3:10
  9. A Gentile Is A Gentile 1:42
  10. If I Had A Girl Like You 1:50
  11. Two Different People 2:52
  12. 1425 Kensington Avenue 4:10
  13. Never Look Back 3:10



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