Pat and Kirby Go to Hell

The Mormon Humor Collection — Book 3


Pat and Kirby finally get their eternal reward.

Join them as they follow St. Peter’s advice and “go toward the light.” That glow in the distance may be coming from the Pearly Gates, but, knowing our boys, it’s more likely the boiler room in hell. Still, it’s nothing more than they deserve. This is the third book in the series begun with Sunday of the Living Dead by the SL Trib boys, Robert Kirby (Editorial Columnist) and Pat Bagley (Editorial Cartoonist)

Robert Kirby is the award-winning editorial columnist for the Salt Lake Tribune whose books include Sunday of the Living Dead and Wake Me For The Resurrection, and Family Home Screaming.

Pat Bagley is the award-winning author and illustrator of several Utah and LDS books, including I Spy A Nephite, Welcome to Utah, and Dinosaurs of Utah.

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AML Review

Reviewed by Roy Schmidt for the Association for Mormon Letters “This book is dedicated to all who understand that the true first principle of the gospel in this life is fear of the next.” With that piece of profundity, the reader begins a journey into the warped minds of Salt Lake Tribune columnist Robert Kirby, and Pat Bagley, editorial cartoonist for the same publication. They constantly crack me up. I remember purchasing a copy of this book at the Brigham Young University Bookstore when it was first published. The boys were doing a signing, and, as the signing was at BYU, they had stickers containing the word “heck” which they pasted over the word “hell” on the cover. Unfortunately, I lost my copy during a move, and am pleased Leicester Bay Books  is distributing it.** I invite readers to check out their website. Let me say a few words about Pat Bagley’s cartoons. Bagley is highly regarded by his peers, and in 2009 earned the prestigious Herblock Prize for excellence in editorial cartooning. The cartoons in this work are not political, but strike at the heart of the matter, and had me laughing throughout. One that had me rolling on the floor featured a speaker at a pulpit going on and on while Kirby is on the stand getting ready to strike a huge gong. O, how it wish it were true. Here are the titles of a few of the chapters, just to whet your appetites: “Dropping in on Hell;” “Combat Fatigue in Heaven;” “Reigning Cats and Dogs;” “Salvation: It Takes a Brain;” and “Testi-Moaning.” I will simply say, I was laughing at every page. In fact, I was laughing so much my wife threatened to throw a piece of polished coprolite at me. I really do not want to give too much away, but I have to drop one spoiler. If Pat and Kirby go to hell, where, exactly, is it? It may surprise you to know the location of hell is good old Delta, Utah. So, why did I let the cat out of the bag? I met a woman from Delta at the recent LDS Booksellers Conference. When I mentioned I would be writing a review of this book, she got a very serious look on her face. She told me the good citizens of Delta were very upset about the publication of this work — so much so that the local Chamber of Commerce invited Mr. and Mrs. Kirby to take a tour of the town. According to my informant, the Kirby’s came, enjoyed a meal at a local restaurant, oohed and aahed at what they were shown, and left leaving smiles on the faces of the boosters. I note Kirby did not print a retraction. If I were selecting the location of hell, I would have picked Bakersfield, California, but, of course, nobody asked my opinion. Look, “Pat & Kirby Go to Hell” is really funny as “heck.” Do yourself a favor, and buy a copy. (** It will be in our own publication soon!)

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