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Don’t Forget To Remember — Original Cast CD

Don’t Forget To Remember — Original Cast CD

DFTR CD Cover Artby Pat Davis, Ralph G. Rodgers, Jr., & K. Newell Dayley

A story about a teen, his machine and the unforeseen.

This contemporary musical deals with the communication problems between parents and youth; and how each party has responsibility in the matter. A motorcycle crash enables a young man to travel back in time and unknowingly receive the counsel that he needs from the Apostle Paul; once awakened in his hospital bed he remembers that counsel and uses it to help him solve his problems.


  • 19 minutes
  • 7 tracks
  • UPC: 887936994371
  • Zion Theatricals
  • List Price: $12.99

Available by October 31, 2014


  1. Don’t Forget to Remember
  2. Bye, Bye Blackbird / Times Have Changed
  3. Life Was Once So Simple
  4. Gonna Make It!
  5. Will It End This Way?
  6. Walk While Ye Have The Light
  7. The Light Will Shine For You



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If you are interested in producing DON’T FORGET TO REMEMBER onstage click HERE.

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