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Thy God My God CD

Thy God My God CD

ThyGodMyGodCDBy Lindy Kerby


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Strength from the Hearts of Biblical Women

Ruth and Naomi, The Samaritan Woman at the Well, Mary Magdalene. Strength. Conversion. Testimony. Loyalty. Trust. Conviction. All those things that lead us to our Savior, Jesus Christ, are embodied in these noble women and supported by the beautiful and touching music and lyrics in these truly spiritual songs by Lindy Kerby.


Lindy Kerby grew up in southern California, the oldest of 11 children. She never took piano lessons, but did learn the notes as her mother taught her at the piano. Sight-reading came easily, and her favorite past times were to play the piano, sing, and act. Her childhood dream was singing and acting in a Broadway show.

Since those days, she has moved to Utah, (she laments still the temperate climate she left behind), but continues to enjoy singing and playing the piano. She went to BYU to study musical dance theatre, and came away with a Bachelor of Arts in Music degree. Lindy was married and expecting their 2nd child at her graduation.

Lindy began to write her beginning piano melodies after graduation, and put several of her piano pieces on the Internet in the year 2000. Finding these songs well received, she created her first piano album, “Little Miracles” in 2005.

In 2008, with 6 young children, Lindy continues to write songs when she can. “Playing the piano is my therapy!” She says, and she tries to compose whenever she has an opportunity. In January, Lindy wrote a song called, “I Will Stay With You” for a “New Beginnings” program for her church. The special guest speaker for the program, happened to also be a member of the Young Women’s General Board, who a couple of days after the program, called to invite Lindy to sing the song for a combined General Women’s board meeting. This included all 3 General Women’s presidencies, and their committees. This wonderful experience led to an opportunity to perform the song at BYU’s Women’s Conference in May of 2008.

Wanting to make this song available for those attending the conference, Lindy emailed Greg Hansen with a demo of the song. This resulted in a chance to create a mini CD which would include the song to be sung at the conference, in addition to 2 other songs all professionally orchestrated to be included on the CD. In addition to the minus tracks, Lindy also included an additional original piano song called, “Overcoming”.

Lindy is thrilled with the opportunities that have come. She continues to see the hand of the Lord guiding her through every step that she takes. She is excited to see what the future will hold, and hopes for the opportunities to make more recordings of many of her vocal songs, of which she is anxious to share.

Product Detail

  • RETAIL PRICE: $9.99 + (s&h)
  • Release Date: May 20, 2008
  • Single CD


Track Listing

  • 1 I’ll Stay With You
  • 2 Living Water
  • 3 I Kissed His Feet
  • 4 Overcoming (Bonus Piano Track)
  • 5 I’ll Stay With You (Accompaniment Track — not in sample tracks)
  • 6 Living Water (Accompaniment Track — not in sample tracks)
  • 7 I Kissed His Feet (Accompaniment Track — not in sample tracks)

Sample Tracks

Listen to the interview by Nick Galieti on The Good Word podcast

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