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MORE J Golden Kimball Stories Volume 2

Posted on Mar 12, 2013 in Humor, Nonfiction

First Edition HUMOR / LDS by James Kimball Illustrations by Pat Bagley “Oh My Heck!” — words never uttered by J. Golden Kimball. Golden also didn’t say ‘heckuva,” “goll,” “flip,” “fetch,” “darn,” or “shoot.” It was against his principles to use decaffeinated words. What Golden said a hundred years ago is still remembered today because he always spoke with humor, conviction, heart — and a double dose of highly memorable words. He was a General Authority. He was a cowboy. He was one of a kind. ABOUT THE AUTHORS: James Kimball (1936-2004) is best known from his PBS specials Remembering Uncle Golden and On The Road With Uncle Golden. The first book in this series, J. Golden Kimball Stories, is an LDS bestseller. Pat Bagley is the awardwinning author and illustrator of many Utah and LDS books, including I...

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