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Fiction and Non-fiction Books, Cds and DVDs for Latter-day Saint Readers

J.L. Thompson — Author

Posted on Jan 2, 2015 in Authors

J.L. Thompson has written several books on the subjects of ancient and modern mysteries, the origins of religion, mythologies, the occult, politics and history. He has long been interested in the literature of the ancient world. He has made a lifelong study of selected ancient texts and uses many of the accounts of these ancient records as the basis for this A Coming Flood series, including the political intrigues and sophistry of their day, which are eerily similar to those of modern times. The author sees many parallels between the ancient world and the modern, and in this series he draws out those parallels to illustrate that humanity follows similar paths regardless of the epoch. J.L. Thompson is an award winning author, a full time professional writer, ghostwriter and editor. He is the founding writer and Editor-In-Chief of Scottsdale...

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Enoch In the City of Adam — Volume 1

Posted on Jan 2, 2015 in A COMING FLOOD novel series, Banner, New Releases

by J. L. Thompson Watchers, fallen angels, demons, giants, raiders, armies and Father Cain — what can a boy of little promise do? Enoch in the City of Adam chronicles the early years of young Enoch. As a mere “lad” Enoch is not the most obvious choice to lead his people, being smaller and weaker than most of the young men of his village and having a speech impediment that makes him appear weak to many. Nonetheless, Father Adam recognizes in him one who will rise to the call to help his people when perilous times threaten on the horizon. Technological implementations and diabolical deceit were destroying the people, their civilization, and the very planet, and Enoch sought feverishly to gather out those who would listen to his message before the end came crashing down on them in planetary...

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First Freedom — Original Concept CD

Posted on Nov 11, 2014 in Audio and Video

Book & Lyrics by Rob. Lauer Music by Sam Cardon & Rick Rea “First Freedom” is set in Virginia, during the period of the American Revolution, and presents the little known but fascinating story of the passionate battle that our Founding Fathers fought among themselves in order to establish religious freedom as a right for all Americans. Through drama, comedy and an incredible score by Emmy-Award winning composer Sam Cardon, and Rick Rea, this ground breaking musical brings to vibrant life great historical figures such as James Madison, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson and George Mason—and it confronts head-on the constant struggle of individuals trying to live peacefully together as equals despite profound, deeply held religious and philosophic differences. The era of “First Freedom” is in many ways a time very similar to our own. The country was engaged in...

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Take The Mountain Down — DVD

Posted on Nov 11, 2014 in Audio and Video

The DVD, filmed for Television by KBYU-TV in Provo, Utah is a rollicking and thoughtful version of this exciting new show based on the prodigal son (that also includes a prodigal daughter). Project Summary Persons responsible for this DVD: Marvin Payne, Steven Kapp Perry (Writers), R. Don Oscarson, Sterling Van Wagenen, BYU Broadcasting (Producers), Eric Samuelsen, Steven E. Lowe (Directors), KBYU Television (Studio), Marvin Payne, Sam Payne, Lacey Williams, Kendra Love, Robby Sorenson, Tricia Story (Actors) ‘Mountain’ is the musical telling of the parable of the prodigal son in the bluegrass music style. What happens when a wayward young woman needs to hear the sweet story of the Prodigal Son, and the only folks who love her enough to tell it are the players in a bluegrass band she once deserted? On an autumn afternoon in Appalachia, the Potluck...

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Don’t Forget To Remember — Original Cast CD

Posted on Nov 11, 2014 in Audio and Video, Women Authors

by Pat Davis, Ralph G. Rodgers, Jr., & K. Newell Dayley A story about a teen, his machine and the unforeseen. This contemporary musical deals with the communication problems between parents and youth; and how each party has responsibility in the matter. A motorcycle crash enables a young man to travel back in time and unknowingly receive the counsel that he needs from the Apostle Paul; once awakened in his hospital bed he remembers that counsel and uses it to help him solve his problems. PRODUCT DETAILS 19 minutes 7 tracks UPC: 887936994371 Zion Theatricals List Price: $12.99 Available by October 31, 2014 SONG LIST Don’t Forget to Remember Bye, Bye Blackbird / Times Have Changed Life Was Once So Simple Gonna Make It! Will It End This Way? Walk While Ye Have The Light The Light Will Shine...

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Let Me Come In — An Illustrated Storybook for Christmas

Posted on Sep 19, 2014 in Christmas, Nonfiction, Women Authors

by Richard Bugg illustrated by Ruth Santos Have you ever wondered where Christ went in our celebration of Christmas? During not only the frantic rush of the modern Christmas season, but in the hurry and complexity of everyday life, the true meaning and origin of Christmas can get lost, or temporarily mislaid. In the tradition of Clement Moore’s classic “Twas The Night Before Christmas”, the authors hope to elicit you to invite the Saviour back into your celebration of this special time of year. Let’s put the “Christ” back in Christmas as we are told of a special Christmas Eve encountered by one man who was worried and haggard and drawn by all the secular trappings that have been laid on top of this holiday; and how he found release from his worries. (See below under Purchasing Options for...

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The Essential Kirby Canon

Posted on Jul 29, 2014 in Humor, New Releases, Nonfiction

OR 20 Years of Shooting from the Hip at the Salt Lake Tribune Robert Kirby’s NEWEST BOOK Book 6 in the MORMON HUMOR COLLECTION (It’s very funny.) Feeling lost in a confused and hostile world? Sad … hopeless … desperate? Hungry for words of comfort to feed the weary soul? Heck, so are we! We can’t promise the answer to all of life’s problems (though ‘quit whining’ is a much under-appreciated piece of ageless wisdom), but cough up ten bucks and you’ll get the best of The Salt Lake Tribune’s award-winning humor columnist Robert Kirby  (with a cover illustration by Tribune  cartoonist Pat Bagley. The newest book from Robert Kirby is as funny and thought-provoking as his last five humor titles; but maybe it’s even more important because he allows himself to be serious at times. Sobering moments of...

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City Of Joseph — 1999 Cast CD

Posted on Mar 27, 2014 in Audio and Video

Book and Lyrics by R. Don Oscarson Music by Maughan W. McMurdie The Nauvoo Pageant ran from 1976 to 2004. It drew the largest crowds of any outdoor theatre event in the world. This new recording was put together in 1999 and used during the last five years of the pageant in Nauvoo, Illinois. The original Nauvoo Pageant, City of Joseph portrays life during the establishment and growth of Nauvoo, Illinois, under the direction of the Prophet Joseph Smith. This recording features all the music from the original pageant as it tells the story through the eyes of those who lived there from 1839-1846. A perfect way to remember the show OR Demo it for possible productions   PRODUCT DETAILS: 68 minutes 17 tracks UPC: 887936805141 Zion Theatricals List Price: $14.99 SONG LIST Overture — Orchestra (8:01) Bend of...

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LIFE … More Sweet Than Bitter — Original Cast CD

Posted on Mar 27, 2014 in Audio and Video, Women Authors

Book and Lyrics by Pat Davis Music by K. Newell Dayley The moving story of Russian Jews forced out of Bolshevik Russia who come to settle in America. They go through the horrors of Ellis Island, long months and years of separation, religious differences in a new land all to build one man’s dream only to end up settling in the Salt Lake Valley. This is the true story of Maurice Warshaw, a western supermarket pioneer and founder of the Grand Central chain of stores. (That has now become Fred Meyer/Smith’s Marketplace) Based on the biography of Maurice Warshaw by Rhoda Kelsch. Featuring Members of the Original Salt Lake City Cast from the production at THE PROMISED VALLEY PLAYHOUSE Cast includes; Craig Clyde, Michael Bennett, Nelden Maxfeild, Christine Timothy, Bryce Jolley, William Morley Nedra Yeates, Chris Anderson & David...

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The Dance — Premiere Recording CD

Posted on Mar 27, 2014 in Audio and Video, Women Authors

Book and Lyrics by Carol Lynn Pearson Music by J.A.C. Redford Come to the dance and meet: Couple #1 — Neil and Karen “the perfect married couple” to everyone but themselves; Couple #2 — Howard, still searching for “the right one” 14 years after his mission, and Alison, a recently divorced mother of three; ‘Couple’ #3 — Brad, 18, and suffering from his first broken heart, and Janet and unclaimed jewel of 23. PRODUCT DETAILS 33 minutes 11 tracks UPC: 887936838224 Zion Theatricals List Price: $14.99 SONG LIST You Come To The Dance I Tried Do You Take This Man? My Eternal Girl / Send Me A Man The Girl I Used To Be Be A Man The Dance Director May I Have This Dance? Love Lingers Always The M.C. The Tap Dance I’m Okay May I Have This...

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Thom Duncan — Author

Posted on Mar 22, 2014 in Authors

Thom Duncan has written many LDS-oriented plays (one of which, Matters of the Heart, currently anthologized in Saints on Stage, won an award as Best New Play of the Year in 1985), two technical books about Novell software, and several as yet unproduced screenplays. All of his LDS plays are represented by Zion Theatricals. (For more information and production rights, see Moroni Smith in Search of the Gold Plates, his second published novel, is followed up by Moroni Smith and the Sword of Laban, his third published novel NOVELS WRITTEN: Moroni Smith in the Land of Zarahemla (Book 1 in the Moroni Smith Adventures Series) Due in late 2014 Moroni Smith In Search of the Gold Plates (Book 2 in the Moroni Smith Adventures Series) Moroni Smith and the Sword of Laban (Book 3 in the Moroni Smith...

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They Sang, Danced, Played and Prayed

Posted on Feb 13, 2014 in Drama Series, Historical, Nonfiction, Women Authors

The History And Philosophy Of The Cultural Arts Of The Mormon Pioneers by Shirlee Hurst Shields The foundations of the rich cultural traditions of Utah can be traced to the very earliest days of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Today, Utah and it’s surrounding states have much to offer in the areas of music, dance and theatre, and it is mostly due to the efforts of the early Mormon Pioneers, both in Salt Lake City and in the areas surrounding Salt Lake and Utah. This is a short, fun and informative booklet for anyone interested in the cultural heritage of Utah, The Mormons, and the West. PRODUCT DETAILS: 4″ x 6″ (10.16 x 15.24 cm) Black & White on Cream paper 50 pages Illustrated ISBN-13: 978-0615971360 (Zion BookWorks) ISBN-10: 0615971369 BISAC: Performing Arts / Theater /...

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Jarom Neumann — Illustrator

Posted on Dec 13, 2013 in Authors

Jarom Neumann grew up in  Bountiful, Utah and has been known to draw ever since childhood. He is currently studying animation and story telling at Brigham Young University and is currently the producer and technical supervisor of BYU’s 2013 senior animated 2D film, “Bothered.”             Book Illustrated: The BYU College Survival...

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Abbey Romney — Author

Posted on Dec 12, 2013 in Authors, Women Authors

Abbey Romney is a life-long supporter and graduate of BYU with a bachelor’s degree in communications, an emphasis in print journalism. Abbey has written personal journals, letters, research papers, poetry, stories, a religious symposium article (Selections from the Religious Education Student Symposium 2005), blog posts (, newspaper articles (freelance for The Salt Lake Tribune), and magazine articles (News of the Church in the Ensign/Liahona). Abbey always looks back on her BYU experience with a smile or chuckle. You can read about her latest writing endeavors at Abbey Romney currently lives in West Bountiful, Utah with her husband and two children.           BOOK Authored: The BYU College Survival Handbook...

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The BYU College Survival Handbook

Posted on Dec 12, 2013 in Humor, Nonfiction, Women Authors

From One Blue Girl To Another by Abbey Romney Illustrated by Jarom Neumann From its Gorgeous Gals Club to the Roommate Rewards Program, The (BYU) College Survival Handbook: From One Blue Girl to Another is a brief, light-hearted book of anecdotal advice. It is the perfect gift book for the Latter-day Saint female freshman just learning to test her abilities, a recent high school graduate excited for the next step, or even a seasoned college student or college graduate who wants to smile. The insightful and sometimes humorous advice will motivate, inspire, and encourage anyone, but especially those with Brigham Young University connections, who has gone to college or lives away from home. If you feel like crying, read and laugh a little. If you don’t know where to turn, read, pray, and find your way. If you feel...

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Family Frolics, Relief Society Renditions and Sharing Time Skits

Posted on Nov 8, 2013 in Drama Series, Nonfiction, Women Authors

The authors represented are: Charlee Cardon Wilson, Sam Christensen, Sharon Elwell, & James G. Lambert. This collection of 16 skits, sketches, playlets and monologues is specifically designed for use as inservice lessons, Primary Sharing Time, Family Home Evenings, Priesthood, Relief Society or Sunday School lessons, Firesides, Young Mens and Womens classes and meeting nights, and other Ward and Stake presentations. These short plays (not longer than 20 minutes) are designed primarily to teach, in an interesting way, a single or group of related Gospel principles. Drama makes all things easily understandable and able to be grasped by anyone who is learning. They are easy to produce and very affordable.  They can all be easily produced with a minimum of props and costumes and no setting. Or you can be as elaborate as you want. All of these short plays...

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Christmas Programs for Sacrament Meetings

Posted on Nov 7, 2013 in Christmas, Drama Series, Women Authors

Compiled by C. Michael Perry Written by Myrth Burr, Carolyn Gifford, Charlee Cardon Wilson Featuring the work of Charlee Cardon Wilson, Myrth Burr and Carolyn Gifford, this Resource Manual of outlines and narrative structures will lend creativity and spiritual cohesiveness to your Christmas Sacrament Meeting presentations. All 7 of the selections included use popular Christmas songs and hymns to carry the wonderful message of the birth of the Christ Child to your congregations. A minimum number of individual copies of each program (emailed in a PDF document to you) must be purchased from the publisher to obtain performance or reading rights. The most you could spend on any reading is $8.00. There is no other royalty. Some of the original songs indicated in several scripts can be purchased for use from the Publisher, or other songs substituted. This book...

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Shirlee H. Shields

Posted on Oct 28, 2013 in Women Authors

Shirlee H. Shields is the recipient of a B.S. Speech, a M.F.A., Theatre, U of U, and a Ph.D., Theatre, Speech and Cinema, BYU. She has given speech communication seminars to thousands of participants. Private students include political candidates, professionals, business executives, church and community leaders. She also is a playwright, director, and choreographer. She has written published manuals and magazine articles on the subjects of Speech, Theatre, and Dance, plus three produced plays and six readers’s theatre scripts. Her work has been seen and heard at BYU, BYU Hawaii, Babcock Theatre, U of U, Promised Valley Playhouse, Assembly Hall, Palm Canyon Theatre, Palm Springs, CA, and numerous local stages in the S.L. Valley. Additional studies at USC. Married to attorney Jed W. Shields, she is the mother of two sons, and two daughters. Non-Fiction Titles Change Your Voice, Change Your...

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The Popcorn Wreath

Posted on Oct 28, 2013 in Christmas, Nonfiction, Women Authors

by Shirlee Hurst Shields Illustrated by Melita Lee Introductory price: $7.99 (+ shipping and Maine Sales Tax) The warm memories of childhood Christmases long ago, spent with the family we love and remember, tend to return to us over and over again. Each remembering brings some new flavor, or aroma or sight — some indelible memory — that kindles or re-lights those warm feelings of the season. Each time the memory is made fresh, some new detail, or little delight springs back fully blown. Author, Shirlee Shields, and Illustrator, Melita Lee, have created just such a memory for us in The Popcorn Wreath. As Shirlee looks back at the sweet Christmas memories associated with the making of popcorn balls with her Grandmother and Mother, the story finds its poignancy in a childhood that is recalled by one no longer...

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Healthiest-Get Well card

Posted on Oct 11, 2013 in Greeting Cards

COVER: (Utah is the healthiest state in the nation!…) INSIDE: …You’re making us look bad. Get well soon. An envelope comes with each card. © 2013 by Pat Bagley PRICE List: $1.75 Website Price: $1.50 + shipping and Maine Sales Tax $7.50 for a pack of 6 (+ shipping and Maine Sales Tax) Get all 9 unique cards in one set at a discount HERE From the Catalog...

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